Smart & Secure

Beacen vSeries is a dynamic operating environment that provides security and flexibility that current common operating systems cannot provide.

Our high-performance environment is delivered from the cloud and provides unparalleled security and performance for desktops and servers providing any level of user individualization or application configuration.

With Beacen vSeries scale, hardware, and environment interoperability are no longer issues. We support existing applications, open-standards, and can compliment or replace today’s computing architectures.

A Complete Re-Think

Today’s device centric computing platforms fail to meet the complex challenges caused by modern mobile multi-platform requirements. To meet these demands a fresh approach is required, one that decouples applications and data from devices, and relieves the end users of complex systems and administrative tasks, in short a complete rethink of the platform itself.

Content centric systems have long been the nirvana of computer systems engineers, however those requirements are orthogonal to the device centric manifestations.

Combining advanced computing concepts such as (i) in memory computing, (ii) stateless, (iii) non-persistent and (iv) policy driven computing Beacen vSeries provides an unparalleled combination of security, performance, agility and flexibility.


Your computer becomes a true plug-and-play appliance, capable of working "out of the box" without the need for any administrative intervention. The installer only has to plug it in and turn it on.

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Fully Responsive

As technology continues its steady migration to mobile platforms it is not enough for the application to be the only responsive element. zStation’s modularity guarantees a completely responsive environment.

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vSeries represents a new level of security, reducing if not eliminating attack vectors. Since the filesystem that the operating system resides on is read-only attachment points for viruses and malware simply don’t exist.

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zStation endpoint operating environment operates exclusively in volatile RAM not requiring local storage for any operation. This architecture provides performance not attainable by traditional computer architectures.

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Remember when your computer was new, everything was fast and it just worked, as it gets older your computer seems slower, that’s because it is, operating system decay is a real issue. Since zStation is stateless it is new evry time you login.

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Policy based computing guarantees that the system is deployed in the ideal configuration. Both operating system and application workloads are always in the optimal configuration on all systems.

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