Software Suite Overview

Beacen vSeries is a suite of applications that collectively delivers the industry’s first ground-up redesign of operating system technology. It is a design that removes the requirement for local persistent storage and offers a level of security and performance unattainable by any other approach. This new paradigm is a policy driven, in-memory, non-persistent operating environment that is dynamically composed, at runtime. Policy is derived and enforced based on device, user, user role and location.

Beacen vSeries begins with its vServer Policy Engine. The vServer Policy Engine provides the policy framework that enables the Beacen zStation, the endpoint virtual operating system environment. vServers are a virtual appliance that can be redundantly deployed anywhere within a server environment for true grid enabled systems. vServer deployments enable an architecture with no single point of failure and the elasticity required by today’s demanding computing environments. In fact, each vServer is capable of serving hundreds of thousands of zStation endpoints.

Logical Architecture

This new, dynamic, policy-based archiecture enables an application centric platfrom that completely decouples the application from the underlying operating system and hardware platform

Application centric platforms deliver enhanced flexibility, availability, and performance with the ability to support a wide variety of edge device types while reducing application lifecycle management expense.